Business Plan Development

We have written, edited and analyzed over 3000 business plans. The process of creating a business plan is a strategic means to analyze where your company is today and where you want it to go. A business plan is made up of three main parts: market-place analysis, operations overview and a financial plan. A business plan is used as a start-up guide, a management tool and most often a financing document. Read more...

Business Consulting & Business Coaching

We have helped over 3500 business owners; C-level executives, partners and solo-preneurs achieve their goals and objectives. The role of a business consultant is to provide expert advice and current, relevant information. The role of a business coach is to help you try new things and motivate you to move beyond your comfort zone. Read more...

to Capital

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners need financing help for start-up, opportunities for growth and planned expansion. We have helped the small business community with access to over $250,000,000 to start and grow their business. We help you determine feasibly, decide proper amounts of funds and determine precisely how those funds will be used. Read more...

Feasibility Analysis: Start Up & Business Expansion

Before investing precious time, money and human resources into starting a new business, expanding the geographic location of your existing venture, or adding new services and products it's important to make certain you are on the right track. A feasibility report is not an inclusive study of the anticipated business, project or idea–that is a business plan-but it is a snapshot preview and preliminary assessment. Read more...


When it comes to a successful business, all roads lead to the numbers. We have helped over 2500 small business owners improve their knowledge about the financial condition of their business. They now know the difference between a profit and loss statement, balance sheet and cash flow! They now appreciate the importance of consistent evaluation of the information in financial reports and finally comprehend the story their numbers are telling them. Read more...

Marketing & Sales Strategies

We have helped over 1000 small business owners develop research based marketing plans and realistic marketing budgets. We define marketing in its broadest sense as “communication” using a multi-channel approach including social media, promotional activities, Word of Mouth, marketing collateral, in person engagement, etc. Read more...

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Hi Gwen,

As we discussed I applied for a business loan and they have come back today with an offer! Thank you again for taking your time to review and critique my Business Plan. Your feedback has been excellent, straight to the point and extremely valuable. I feel more confident already!



There are little words for us to describe our appreciation to you for all your help and positive influence. You have given us hope when things were gloomy, direction when we felt lost and a kick in the pants when we got lazy. You are a beautiful person and a complete inspiration. Thank you for everything!

Kerri Stephens, Varnish Fine Art

Gwendolyn is an experienced professional with a heart as big as San Francisco. Our project, which she played a vital role in bringing to fruition, was enormously complex and full of classic bureaucracy. She coached our team patiently and deliberately, bolstering our confidence and pushing us forward. Her knowledge of banking (and banker-think), and City, are crucial tools that helped us get into business. I strongly recommend Gwendolyn.

Richard Tarlov, Canyon Market

Gwendolyn Wright is the consummate business advisor. Her knowledge and expertise is unquestionable. When acquiring my first business, Gwendolyn steered and advised me through a tough financial climate to obtain the necessary capital to finance that business purchase. Because of her knowledge and kindness, I have grown both financially and in business acumen.

Gerald Johnson, Entrepreneur

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Our Advisory Team

PJ Ferguson

PJ Ferguson

Website Development

PJ helps businesses succeed online through world-class web development. He has been designing websites and graphics for 13 years. PJ learned that true success starts with powerful planning, decisive action and effective follow-up. He is gratified helping businesses achieve their goals and enjoy true success.

Natalia Thurston

Natalia Thurston


Natalia is committed to providing effective representation in a range of matters from counseling clients on business entity choice to resolving contentious partnership disputes.   As a trusted legal advisor, Natalia helps start-ups and entrepreneurs navigate the murky waters of forming a venture from idea conception to developing contracts incorporating social sector principles. She believes in the purpose of social ventures and practices law to serve the growing demand for more accessible direct legal services for small businesses, tax exempt entities, and social enterprises.

Rose Balderian

Rose Balderian

Visual Merchandising

Rose Balderian has over 15 years of visual merchandising and retail management experience spanning various industries from fine wine and chocolates, to cosmetics, clothing and fashion accessories. Much of her career was spent working with luxury retail brands with a passion for helping new, smaller brands grow and prosper. She loves to share her knowledge about retail branding, windows, fixtures, and signage through workshops and consultations, onsite merchandising assessment services and window display installations. Rose firmly believes in creative results!

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Our mission is to...

  1. Help entrepreneurs become better business owners
  2. Help business owners increase income, improve sales and profit margins and achieve positive cash flow
  3. Help our clients become more productive and more prosperous
  4. Make a tangible contribution to the success of each client
  5. Aim high and help our clients to aim high too
  6. Develop long-term relationships with our clients
  7. Help ease the anxiety associated with financial statements, money and numbers in general
  8. Maintain a successful consultancy
  9. Do a little something every day that brings us joy (we encourage you to do the same)
  10. Do well by doing our best
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The goal of The Wright Consultants is to support small business owners, startups and entrepreneurs in their desire to make more money, manage time and manage expenses and keep more of the money they make. The Wright Consultants is committed to opportunities that inspire entrepreneurs in their quest for knowledge, prosperity, and independence. We believe smart action produces real results.
Gwendolyn Wright

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