Business Consultant & Coach

The role of a business consultant and business coach is to work with you to set timely goals and objectives, help you try new things and motivate you to move beyond your comfort zone. A business consultant and business coach is the outside, independent push to get you moving in the direction you want to go or in the direction you need to go right now. You may be stuck and require help getting moving again or you may just want someone to bounce things off of as a way to help you find solutions. We are here to create a safe place for brainstorming and problem solving, a place to get past self-imposed road blocks (the “yes but” syndrome! and other challenges). Our role is to help you not only create strategies but to determine smart action steps, establish priorities and find new resources necessary to meet deadlines, record milestones and achieve results. When we set certain assumptions for your business, then success, in the form of tangible objectives, is measurable and quantitative in nature such as increased clients and sales or improved profit margins emerge.
Together we create an action plan based on what it is you want to achieve and how quickly you want to manifest that goal. We help you to be very specific. For example if you want to grow your business we determine if that means more brick and mortar locations or more revenue or more customers or more cash? It may be all of the above! We determine if you want to increase gross revenue by 20% or 100% and then discuss how that is going to happen and how much time and capital is required to reach this goal.

We begin by looking at three main areas of your business-marketing, operations and finance to define what is working and what is not and what needs upgrading or automating, etc. We may discuss if your company has the bandwidth and internal skills to bring about what you want to achieve, when you want to achieve it. Or we may discuss what is required to seek outside intel. Our role is to help you to set daring and totally achievable (quantitative) goals and to make bold choices. Again to work outside your comfort zone by thinking broader and deeper. We believe you are extraordinary because just plain ordinary is so basic.

Our role is to hold you accountable to someone beyond yourself, beyond your own issues to keep you on point with tasks and that list of things to do. We will ask what you accomplished or what progress you have made at the beginning of each session. We will give you a little reminder of what you were scheduled to do and a little nudge in the right direction. Strategic planning only works when action takes place to move forward towards those goals and objectives.

Our mission is to also be your champion and cheerleader providing support and guidance when your work and world seems overwhelming. Our role is to also keep you from going over the edge and stop you from clinging to the wrong priority. We help you to pivot when warranted. We are your confidante and mentor. We listen and we hear what you are saying. We are your harbor whenever there is a storm.