Client Projects

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Espresso Bar, Bakery and Coffee Roaster

Financial coaching helped a husband and wife team with an important financing opportunity. We worked with them to create more concise financial statement projections correlating with realistic growth objectives. Focused on additional revenue streams including identifying wholesale accounts and seeking a second location. Helped clarify brand values, competitive strengths, sales goals and prime costs.

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Vertical Apparel Company

As virtual CFO created annual capital expense and operating budgets. Established profit margins goals and within one year turned operating loss to a net profit. Added new distribution channels and implemented aggressive sales growth strategies resulting in doubling of revenue in second year. Restructured debt: reduced short term liabilities by 40%, negotiated repayment terms and interest rates and obtained new, better priced long term capital.


Organic Specialty Grocery Store

Determined sales and operating expense assumptions and debt service capacity. Created start up budget best case and worst case scenarios and correlating financial statement projections. Developed business plan and obtained a multimillion dollar start up loan creating thirty new jobs.

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New Restaurant Beta Test

Created a business plan for an experienced chef which plan was used as a management tool and financing document to establish a new restaurant concept. It served to help close a million in capital from a combination of debt and equity. Industry and competitive analysis, marketing strategies, along with construction budget, and operating budget for first three years helped to make this dream a reality.

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Sales Growth for Ecommerce Company

Coaching helped the owner of an existing ecommerce business refresh her brand to standout amongst her competitors, increase gross revenue 30 percent in one year by implementing fearless marketing strategies and clarifying marketing message. Financial management consulting improved gross profit margin, increasing 25 percent within three months by increasing product pricing (to better reflect value and benefit of offerings).

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Marketing and Sales Strategies for a Business Accelerator Program

SWOT analysis of increasing marketplace competition. Developed and implemented outreach strategies which resulted in 100% increase in inquiries. As “closer” increased occupancy levels to full capacity from 42% tenancy. Diversified demographics of program participants and broadened industry concentrations.

Research and Analysis for Medical transportation company

Marketing plan included research of industry trends, barriers to entry and market opportunities to determine primary, secondary and tertiary target market for their new geographic location. Consumer research included demographics, buying habits and purchasing patterns. Determined marketing strategies and developed quantitative sales assumptions for business plan used as financing document to purchase commercial property.

Access to Capital workshops for food industry business owners

Produced workshop content and assembled expert panelists. Served as facilitator. Created and implemented marketing strategies using multi channel outreach spotlighting on bloggers, resource networks and industry stakeholders. Exceeded attendance goals by 50% with standing room only occupancy.

California Steering Committee for Make Mine a Million Contest sponsored by Count Me In, Inc. and American Express

Developed and implemented marketing strategies and facilitated two focus groups targeting women entrepreneurs. Coached three contestants and all three went on to become national contest winners.

Small business loan workshop “Speed Lending” targeting micro enterprises

Developed concept, produced event, assembled and facilitated panel of alternative lenders and traditional bankers for a non-profit organization. Results included 100% increase in loan applicants.